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This is why we are friends

“The ‘Dear Diary: jackpot’ incident.”

“I didn’t hear about this incident.”

“You NAMED it, when you wrote a hilarious journal about it, while laughing.”

“I can’t remember 30 seconds ago. Refresh my memory.”

“The girl got all pissy, the guy said some nasty yet hilariously true things, she went crazy, never wanted to see any of us again, you got off scot free, and I was the bad guy?”

“I vaguely remember this. This wasn’t the night that the guy got action for some definition of the word action, right?”

“No. Can you really not remember this?”

“I vaguely do.”

“We never saw her again after it.”

“Not ringing any bells”

“You had the subway club with extra bacon, I had the extra abcon with a subway club?”


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