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My name is alex, and this is my blog.  I started it up to give people back home a window into my adventures studying computer science at Lund University in Sweden, but only the shadow knows where it will go.

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  1. Marco Palacios Beretta November 11th, 2020 7:28 am

    Hello, Alex,

    I’m Marco Palacios, CEO & Co-founder of Sideways. We’re on the mission to build the biggest network of autonomous unipersonal vehicles that solve transportation problems in many industries. I saw your interest in the field of autonomous vehicles and wanted to share what we’re building because I think it will be relevant to you.

    We started working in February and we raised $100k to start initial validation and most importantly, to develop an MVP that showcased the technology.

    Right now we have an autonomous wheelchair that drives indoors by itself in the office. We’re currently perfecting the final details and in <2 weeks we begin testing in hospitals.

    We opened our new $350k round in September and we just closed the first $200k, with the lead investor being the owner of the second-largest private hospital chain in Spain.

    We have closed this first part and are looking to close the following $150k during November.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts and I'd be thankful for any feedback and happy to discuss if you're interested in joining us as an investor.



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