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It’s the end of my second day at Crytek, and I have to say, it’s been a pretty cool start. There’s only one small downside, which is that I’m currently without internet access at home. FOR THREE MONTHS.

So these blog posts might be a little more sporadic. I’ll see if I can buy a 3G card for my laptop for a few euros, or a few nights with my body. If you know anything about 3G internet, specifically how to avoid paying through the nose, please let me know.


Austria 4 – Graz

September 25, 2008

We had planned to spend the day hiking on top of a glacier, but the weather report (which is always clarified by altitude in Austria) showed rain on the ground, snow at the cable car, and more snow at the summit. We cancelled our sunset dinner above the clouds, which leaves me something to do on my next trip to Austria.

We turned tail and headed back to Graz. We rendezvoused with a few friends, grabbed some burgers the size of your head for €4, and spent the evening at a local spa. The water in the spa was heated by volcanic vents to feel like a warm bath.

Relaxed and carefree, we spent the rest of the evening lounging around the house. Annina, who spends her days at the hospital training to become a doctor, tried her hand at Trauma Center, a surgery game for the Nintendo DS. She quickly used her professional skills to put us all to shame. She somehow found it less thrilling than real surgery, though. I guess some people just don’t like video games.

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