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The Swedish Countryside

I spent Friday evening at the Malmo festival, or Malmöfestivalen, which was a lot of fun. I purchased what might be the most delicious concoction I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating:


That would be battered pineapple and ice cream, in the same dish. The Swedes are a truly noble people. The serrated fork caught me by surprise, but it worked much better than the Knork.

The Malmo Festival is Malmo’s annual music festival. One of the big attractions was a giant sing along on the main stage. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people were standing around eating, drinking, and singing such classics as My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean, and what may have been Baa Baa Black Sheep. I decided to pass on the singing, since the Swedish lyrics escape me.

We ended the evening with ridiculously expensive, watery beer at the rock and roll stage. A Swedish pop/rock group, Joddla Med Siv, had the crowd worked up into an energetic frenzy. Energetic frenzies work differently in Sweden, though. Everyone was clapping along to the music and giving each other plenty of space. There was no moshing, no crowd surfing, and no continuous threat of being crushed to death. I… I didn’t know what to do.

Joddla Med Siv

I do, however, need to buy a better camera.

After heading home and getting 4 hours of sleep, I jumped on a bus with a bunch of other exchange students to check out the country side. It was pretty boring, but it was mildly picture worthy. We visited Ales stenar (the Ales stones) in KÃ¥seberga and Gilimmingehus, which I dub the World’s Smallest Castle. If I remember correctly, no one knows what the stones are for, and the Castle belonged to some dude who got rich buy taxing the hell out of people, so he needed a castle to protect him from everyone who hated him.

Ales Stenar Glimmingehus. SO not a castle. A tiny friend

The night ended with a welcome party for exchange students. It was surprisingly empty given the fact that tickets were sold out, and the beer was watery, but it was cheap(er)! Only $5 a glass! I might have to go straight-edge while I’m here, anything else will be too expensive.

God damn it, I need a better camera.


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  1. Grandma August 20th, 2006 2:09 pm

    When you come home remind me to try and make your Swedish dessert for you. At the welcome party were there only foreign students there? Did the foreign students out way the number of the welcoming committee? If so that should tell you something. How is the communicating going? I should think that you would have been the first one to sing”My bonnie lies over the ocean” With regard to the Ba Ba Black sheep – all you had to do was “Ba” that should not have been too diffcult.I hope that you are trying to find a Barber shop Quartet

  2. Alex August 21st, 2006 6:15 pm

    I’ll never turn down free desert.

    Yeah, the party was strictly for exchange students. Even though it was very under crowded, there should’ve been around 500 people there.

    I’m a bit worried about the communication. All the locals speak perfect english, so I might not ever get the chance to learn Swedish.

    As for the quartets, everything like that is very much on the back burner until I take care of the essentials, like a camera.

    Holy crap, I need a camera.

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