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One man’s delinquency

So apparently one of the courses I’m taking while on exchange is going to be taught in Swedish.  The prof recommends that exchange students just don’t come to lectures. On top of the prof personally telling me to not bother going to class, ever, I also get a chance to immerse myself in real, practical Swedish conversations and pick up as much as I can, provided I don’t sleep in. What a great country.

In other news, one of the Swedish banks will actually give me money! They are civilized over here!


edit: I’ve made some changes to the site. Most noteably, I’ve added Amir’s site to the links sidebar on the right. Oh, yeah, I added a links sidebar on the right. Anyways, Amir’s site has a bunch of pictures from Lund that I’m too broke to take right now. Give ‘er a read.


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  1. Grandma August 23rd, 2006 3:05 pm

    what you should be worrying about is having to write your exams in Swedish or how you are going to handle oral exams!! I presume there are terms and conditions before the Swedish banks will give you money e.g. you have to put some in first.

  2. Alex August 23rd, 2006 6:26 pm

    That would make things rather tricky. I suppose I’ll find that part out once classes start 😛

    They let me get money from my canadian bank account, which is the exciting part. I was expecting them to turn me down like everyone else, but this bank actually worked! This means that I probably don’t have to get a Swedish bank account, which will save both time and effort.

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