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The best of a bad situation

If you ever find yourself on exchange at Lund University, allow me to give you some friendly advice: in the period before you join a nation (kind of like a frat), keep your passport & letter of acceptance on you at all times. The added bulk is a bit of a pain, but I can tell you from personal experience that not being able to enter a party because you stumbled while reciting “your” birthday is not worth the forgetfulness, especially when your friends are waiting for you inside.Another helpful hint: Cell phones are no longer a fun little toy to show off to all of your friends, they are now a cornerstone of society. They’ve become part of this complete breakfast.

I just spent several hours getting the fancy picture on the right to work, so you guys had damn well better appreciate the shiny pictures. Many thanks to Dalia for taking the pictures and getting them to me. You can see more pictures either by clicking on the picture in the sidebar or on my facebook page.


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  1. Swinger August 27th, 2006 3:55 pm

    I have changed my code name to protect the innocent. I caannot imagine what kind of party you were trying to enter where you would need to know your birthday although you do look and act very young for your age. I thought that the new cell phones were attached to your ear. I enjoyed the pictures I particularly liked you with your arm around a beautiful girl and the one of you as a winner of the ugliest face competion. I could not get the picture of the swinging grandmas large enough for me to pick out your grandma The apartment building is an amazing architectual design it would interesting to try and slide down the bannisters. I thought you went to Sweden to study but of course you could be studying cultural differences

  2. Alex August 27th, 2006 4:49 pm

    All of the nation parties at Lund require either a student card (which none of the exchange students have yet) or a combination of a passport and a letter of acceptance. I forgot my passport & letter a good half-hour from the party, so a friend lent me his student card. It didn’t work out so well.

    They say that only you only do 10% of your university learning in the classroom. Classes start tomorrow, so I’m just trying to get ahead

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