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Yet another thing I love about this country

One of the most popular clubbing songs in Sweden right now is Botten Anna by Basshunter.  I heard someone say that it ranks number two on the charts, having recently fallen from number one. Tonight I decided to look up the lyrics (in English and Swedish). The song opens with this catchy hook:

Jag känner en bot
Hon heter Anna. Anna heter hon,
och hon kan banna banna dig så hårt
Hon röjer upp i våran kanal.
Jag vill berätta för dig att jag känner en bot.

For those of you who don’t speak swedish, including me, here’s the translation:

I know a bot,
her name is Anna, Anna is her name
And she can ban, ban you so hard
She cleans up in our channel
I wanna tell you, that I know a Bot

Part of me is waiting for everyone to rip of their prosthetic faces to reveal the evil alien mouths underneath, because something has to be wrong.  This country has surpased the maximum level of allowable awesome.


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  1. Swinger August 29th, 2006 7:37 pm

    I hope that the books that you are reading are for a theory research project and not practical. I am not going to guess at your practical experience. Your face and expression are getting more intelligent every day. I like your “digs” at least your bed looks as if was made for one. just be careful not to roll over. Is the sink in your room for after party functions?

  2. Alex August 30th, 2006 10:25 am

    Oh, I’m not reading them, I’m just applauding their existance. Besides, I probably wouldn’t have to add onto the stress of an already dire situation by attempting to translate Swedish.

    I think the sink in my room was originally for giving hospital staff a quick way to wash their wounds when the crazies bit them, but now it’s just a convenient incentive to brush more often.

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