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Starting the santa list early

Sometimes I wish for my own personal camera crew to follow me wherever I go. I mean, it would be awesome. My alzheimeric memory would be a thing of the past. I would finally be justified in randomly bursting out in song and the occasional smattering of loosely choreographed breakdancing. If I got tired, I would carry a whip and make them carry me while fanning me with palm leaves. But best of all, when I wipe out for the second time on the icey-slick death trap that is my front steps and end a fabulous display of futile tap-dancing by helping a week’s worth of dirt laundry the exhilerating feeling of being airborne, I could finally achieve my dream of having America’s funniest home video.

I also wish for a rocket-powered ninja pirate. With lasers. That is also a robot. But I’m not picky.


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  1. Nina January 22nd, 2007 5:46 pm

    That doesn’t sound like a camera crew… more like a bunch of slaves (Considering the palm leaves thingy: Do you imagine beautiful young girls or some pretty hot-looking half naked guys?)
    So, you want them to follow you everywhere? – You shouldn’t write something that offers so many possibilities to make fun of, it’s boring if it’s too easy!
    Just make sure they won’t get bored than you deserve a crew OR find some people who will never get bored by looking at you…

    I think the death-trap makes a good beginning, I mean… end… ahem… whatever!

    Take care!
    Miss you! (send me all videos… PLEASE! 😉 )

  2. Alex January 23rd, 2007 6:08 pm

    I’m ok with having a bunch of slaves. I could live with that. As for the crew themselves, I was honestly picturing a crew that could survive the harsh Canadian winters, but if a gaggle of naked babes could meet that requirement, I’d be right on board.

    I feel like I’m sticking my hand in a bear trap, but how could that be made fun of?

    Unfortunately, the videos do not exist 🙁 damn lack of slaves

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