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Austria 7 – Vienna

September 28, 2008

Breakfast at Café Central seemed like a great idea until we saw the prices. We walked away to avoid any noticeable change in the contents of our wallets, and unfortunately stomachs. Another restaurant was just a stop away, and with reasonable prices at that.

We followed breakfast with a trip to the World Press Photo Exhibition. The exhibit contains hundreds of photos from around the world, each more jaw-dropping than the last.

Next up: a walking tour of the city, including a visit to parliament and city hall.

Anyone who’s been walking me should know that I have a hard time limiting myself to walking.

We finished our weekend in Vienna at Prata, a local amusement park. It felt like I was home, at Canada’s Wonderland:

For those of you who haven’t been to Canada’s Wonderland, you might want to see a picture of the ride Tomb Raider/Time Warp:

Time Warp/Tomb Raider

Prata happened to be host to a number of hopefuls trying to break a few world records. I’m proud to say that I witnessed the new world record holder hammer 22 nails into a log in less than a minute. My life feels complete.

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