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Wesabe: The Cash Account

I have two accounts registered with Wesabe: a cash account, and a chequing account. In this post I’ll show you how to track your spending in a cash account.

To start a new cash account, click “Add an Account” on the left side of the site, and then find the tiny “Create a Cash Account” link on the right. Once you’ve chosen an account name and currency, click Create to finish making your new account. (Click on an image to see an enlarged version)

Add An Account Create a Cash Account

I start by writing down all my cash expenses. Since I have a horrible memory, I usually jot down the details in my cell phone (26/3 – 1.30 – food @ VHS) within a few seconds of the money leaving my hands. I sign in to Wesabe a couple of times per week to update my spending. If you have a twitter account and text message to burn, you can also tweet your spending directly to Wesabe and save yourself some time.

When you want to update your cash spending, click on your cash account and enter your transaction data:

My Wesabe accounts
A new entry in my cash account

Picking good tags for your transactions allows you to look back later and easily analyze your expenses. Normal tags are applied to every transaction from a merchant (all of my transactions are tagged “shopping”), and one time tags can be used to add more detail (textbooks, lunch, birthday, etc).

When you save the transaction, it appears in your account activity:

My new entry has been added to my recent spending

If you’re tracking your cash account’s balance, you can refresh the page to update your balance:

My cash account balance has been updated

If you guys are interested in reading more, I’ll show you how to manage your bank account on Wesabe in another post. Your bank account (or credit card) probably provides a more useful picture of your spending, and Wesabe only gets better when you feed it more crunchable numbers.


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  1. Kelso April 7th, 2009 3:24 pm


    Do you use Wesabe for your bank account(s)/credit card(s), and if so, how do you feel about the “auto upload” feature that enters your online banking and skims your info?

    No matter how “safe” they say it is, I can’t help but feel it isn’t ….


  2. Alex April 8th, 2009 1:12 am

    I also use Wesabe to keep track of my spending in my checking account. Wesabe’s auto-uploader doesn’t support my (German) bank, so I have to upload my statements manually. I’ve verified that the statements I upload don’t have any sensitive information like my account number.

    If you do use the auto-uploader, the reviews I’ve read have given me the impression that you’re not at much risk. That being said, if you don’t feel comfortable giving Wesabe full access to your system, don’t! You can just manually upload your account data.

    I have a post in the works describing how to do just that.

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